Top Basura Club*
Boots Dollskill
Coat ✖  Queen of Darkness*
Collar Rottenhide

I received this absolutely killer shirt and was so excited it was BDSM related AND pink! I think it perfectly sums up my aesthetic. Andrew Sifuentes, the artist behind Basura Club is so talented and comes up with such unique designs, I feel blessed he's such an awesome and laid back guy and I've gotten to work with him.

I also tried out a different hairdye, I usually use Overtone pastel pink but this shade of pink is Lunar Tide's Petal Pink and I think it looks amazing, and lasts a bit better than Overtone. Most pink hair dyes have a lot of issues with being too orange based, and Lunar Tides is more purple/blue so it appears a lot nicer. If you're interested in trying out dyes by Lunar Tides, they're hand made, vegan and cruelty free which is awesome! You can use code 'COLUMBINE' for 10% off through February 1st. 

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