Glitter Bat DIY

If you're looking to add a unique touch to your room or just add flare to some Halloween decorations, I recently came up with this super cute and incredibly simple project I think many of you would enjoy. All you need is a Crazy Bonez Bat Skeleton that you can purchase from Michaels, Joanns and other craft stores during fall, or purchase all year on Amazon. I love the quality of Crazy Bonez products, they're significantly stronger and more durable than you would ever expect from Halloween decorations. You will also need Krylon Black Glitter Spraypaint, one can works well for the largest skeleton size and you can also get it at Michaels and Amazon. Often the iridescence of glitter shows very green when on a black surface, and what I like about this product is the glitter has a white glimmer instead, which I find to be significantly more attractive. Spray the bat with 3-4 coats of paint, leave it to dry for a full day, and you're ready to hang it up on your wall!
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