Glitter Pink Nails Appreciation Post + Q&A

I'm always asked about my nails, so here are the answers to some frequently asked questions!

Where do you get your nails done?
Laque Nail Bar in North Hollywood

What is the brand of this pink glitter?

How much do your nails usually cost?
For a brand new set about $60, and for a fill $30

How much do your nails hinder your ability to do things?
I would say I had no issues adapting to my nails and I don't find them to really get in the way

How often do you have to get a fill?
Every 3-4 weeks

Are they your real nails?
They are acrylic nails, however my real nails are underneath, so if I chose to get my nails removed, I would still have my real nails.

What is the name of the shape of your nails?
Stilleto is pointy, coffin is the flat top

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