Trench Coat ✖  Lip Service
Boots Dollskill
Hat ✖  Ebay
Collar  Ann Devine

A few months ago I found this jacket on Depop, an app to buy from other people's closets and sell from your own. Personally, I'm not very good at shopping used and vintage, not even in a city like Los Angeles, but I have incredible luck on Depop. This jacket was brand new with tags, from the late 90s and in my size for only $50. I nearly cried with joy from how beautiful this coat is and how cheap I was able to find it. Honestly I have found TONS of astounding things on that app, I would say it's where I buy the most of my clothes and my favorite place to shop.

Depop is a fashion forward second hand shopping app, with a target demographic of young adults, so you find a lot of really cool and unique things. I sell some of my own items from my closet on depop, so feel free to follow me and look out for new listings!

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