About Sponsorship

Sometimes I am wearing items of clothing which have been sent to me for promotional reasons. These items are always chosen by myself and I generally never feature items that are sent to me without my choosing. 

I am always open to new sponsorship and collaboration opportunities, however I only work with businesses and artists that wholly fit my aesthetic and are creating a high quality product. If I ever receive an item that I'm not genuinely happy with, or do not consider high quality, I simply do not feature it.

I will only provide entirely honest reviews, I will never attempt to lie, omit or cover up any problems I find upon receiving products for review because I always want the best for my followers.

 I love to collaborate with businesses and artists that promote a positive message that I'm proud to stand behind, particularly that of self love, body positivity, feminism, acceptance and love of all kinds.

All items received by a business for promotional purposes will be marked with an (*). 

If you're interested in sponsoring me or collaborating, or you have questions about a certain product I've featured, feel free to send an email to:

If you would like to read my opinion on sponsored posts, click here

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