About Me

I’m Sebastian Columbine, I strut the streets of Hollywood, California promoting positivity and self-love! I’m best known for my YouTube channel that centers around my interests in experimental and dark fashion and beauty. Beyond YouTube I’m also a model and a super eclectic person with a variety of interests including filmmaking, acting, art and video games. I’m always looking to grow, improve and create, so if you’re an artist, small business or photographer that’s looking to collaborate, feel free to contact me at:


AMC’s Freakshow
Punch Drunk Lover - Bang Bang feat. Slash
Comedy Central’s @Midnight

About My Blog

I created this blog as a public diary where I can share my thoughts and everything happening in my life, but it’s also a home base for all of the work I do via social media and beyond. All of my youtube videos, photo-shoots and more are posted here, as well as written reviews and anything else I want to say that for one reason or another I choose not to put in a youtube video. This blog updates at twice a week or more so please feel free to check back regularly!

Brands I've Worked With/ Modeled For:
Goodbyebreadco, Nikkilipstick, Queen of Darkness, VPFashion, Kink Kult

I'm an aspiring horror filmmaker who is currently raising money for my passion project, please take a moment to check out the gofundme, and please consider donating and sharing.


Free Hello Kitty Cursors at www.totallyfreecursors.com