Custom Pink Xbox Controller!

I know this is rather different than what I normally post on this channel, but I couldn't resist filming an unboxing video for the custom Xbox controller I received as a gift from Xbox for attending E3 2016. E3 was one of the best experiences of my life and I feel so happy to have something so cool to remember it by. Of course I chose pink and black for the majority of the controller because...what else would I choose?! Anyway I hope you all enjoy this quick unboxing video and I just want to say thank you to Xbox for such a perfect gift! Do you guys like to play video games? How would you choose to design your own custom controller?

Pink Mermaid Hair

 As much as I think my short hair is cute, I've been desperately waiting for it to grow into the luxurious locks I once had. My hair growth journey has been a breeze, but once I decided I wanted my hair to be long again I've been counting every inch. Luckily I got a new set of extensions from VPfashion* that can give me the length whenever I need it in the mean time. I choose not to wear extensions all that often simply because I want my natural hair to grow and wearing extensions too frequently can become damaging, but for photo shoots and special occasions I'm glad I won't have to wait for long hair.

I've owned multiple pairs of VPfashion extensions and I think the fact that I haven't felt the need to buy from anywhere else says a lot about their product. The set that I have with my pink hair are 22 in 260g clip in extensions and they're thick, gorgeous and looks incredibly natural in my hair even though I'm awful at applying them. They're made of real human hair and are capable of handling multiple processes so if I choose to change my hair color down the road I probably won't need to buy a new set right away, which is awesome.

To get them matching my natural hair I toned them using a blue shampoo (as I've found blue works a lot better than purple in my experience, but that often depends) and then colored them using Overtone conditioner in the color pastel pink. They are silky, beautiful and the best extensions I could ever ask for, I am ecstatic at how great they look with my real hair.

I've owned other sets of their extensions in the past and personally feel the longer sets with higher thickness are a bit more durable and I'm getting a better life out of them. The set I had for my white hair was a 14in set that was only 95grams that I toned with purple shampoo (this was before I learned I prefer blue shampoo) and I feel like while the shorter, thinner set definitely got the job done and I was happy with them, they didn't handle what I put it through as well as a set that's thicker. But now I know for future purchases (though I hope some day my hair will be long enough on it's own I won't need to buy more, hehe) and I just can't wait to take photos and videos with my new hair, I have so many cool ideas and things I want to try out with them!

If you are considering a new set of extensions, you can use coupon code "SebastianColumbine" for $10 off of your order, and make sure to take photos with your new hair and tag me so I can see them!


My Collar Collection

Due to popular request I did an updated collar collection video! I wanted to compare this one to the one I made back in 2013 but apparently I deleted that video down the line, which is fine because that one wasn't all that interesting or impressive anyway. I'm definitely proud of the awesome little collection I have going now and I really hope you guys enjoy this fun and quick little video!

I think my goal is by the end of the summer I want to have ATLEAST one outfit/fashion video where I show some of my favorite outfits, lookbooks from different brands I own a lot of clothes from, etc., because I know what you guys enjoy the most is my fashion exploration and fashion is my favorite topic to explore on my channel. I haven't done too many of these videos before as they can be a little tough and time consuming to film, especially at outdoor locations. Either way, it is my goal and I'm going to do my absolute best to make it happen! 


Sponsorships?! Ick!

I would like to formally address something that I seem to notice quite often. Any time someone I know with a large following posts a sponsored post, instagram photo, youtube video, etc., it's met with a lot of unhappy comments and disappointment. I understand people don't like being sold and advertised to and I think when people follow someone such as myself on social media, they see another human being they can connect with, and when we attempt to advertize sponsored products we stop being seen as a friend and more as a corporate sell out.

I can't entirely speak for anyone but myself, others may or may not have the same moral standing I do with all of this, but I can definitely say I would never sponsor a product that I don't wholeheartedly believe in and I'm sure many others would say the same. Content creating in itself does not make very much money I assure you, and sponsorships can be the difference between paying your rent and having enough food to eat that month. Sadly, a large following often doesn't equal large amounts of money, and content creators just want to be able to keep doing what they love, which can mean sponsorships and other ways of staying afloat. However, in reality, most sponsorships are not paid, and if they are, it's not very much. Usually the deal is "you get to try this product out for free, and if you like it you'll advertize it, and perhaps we'll give you a coupon code for your followers, but that's it". Often I accept a sponsorship for items I already need and am looking to buy, so it keeps money in my pocket.

Again, I can only speak for myself, but I have turned down sponsorships on items I felt were poor quality, and in all of my e-mails I state "I will only be 100% honest in my reviews, I will never lie to my followers" and even then, many businesses specifically state in their initial proposal to me they only want an honest review, and would never expect me to lie. I just want to assure everyone that content creators are generally not out to get you, they're not looking to profit off of you, they are just regular human beings looking to expand on what they do and make a living. Furthermore, in all of my sponsored posts and videos, I will always specifically state that it is sponsored and that you are ONLY getting my completely honest thoughts and opinions.

Thank you very much for your understanding!

Bean Boozled Challenge With My Boyfriend

I'm back with the Bean Boozled challenge with my boyfriend! We had a lot of fun but it was absolutely disgusting and I could probably never get Oli to do it again. I laughed really hard while editing this so I really hope you guys enjoy! Let me know if there are any other couple's videos or challenges you would like to see us do!


Kink Kult Subscription Box Unboxing

Hello everyone! I'm back unboxing a special subscription service from my awesome friend Princess! A few months ago she started the brand Kink Kult, a feminist, body positive and sex positive company that works to support the rights and self love of everyone! I believe strongly in what she is doing and want to do everything in my power to support her. She has sent me a subscription box from her new subscription service called Kink Krate. Each month has a new theme and tons of awesome goodies including lingerie, toys and much more for $40 a month!

1 month: $40
3 months: $105 (save $15)
6 months: $180 (save $60)
12 months: $300 (save $180)

Shipping: $7 Domestic / $12 International

She cannot and will not ship to anyone under the age of 18

Use code "SEBASTIAN" for 10% off of your order!

Next months box is special for pride month, and 15% of the profits go to the It Gets Better Project!

Dark Fashion Closet Tour

I'm so excited to have finally made a closet tour! I've been very critical of my closet, and was always thinking what I made wouldn't be good enough to post, but I'm pleasantly surprised how well this video has been going over so far and I'm so glad you guys are enjoying it!

All About My Bubblegum Pink Hair


I am so in love with my new hair color, I'm relieved I finally found a pink hair "dye" that's not too orange and that's super convenient to use. I think pink hair has always been one of the more difficult colors to find a beautiful shade that doesn't stain your hair or fade to an awful salmon color, and I strongly feel Overtone is a huge step closer to that. 

 I did forget to mention that the bottles pretty much have no directions on them, which can be a little inconvenient, they don't really give you a lot of tips on how you should apply their products. The whole process IS very straight forward, all you need to do is wash it in, but it would have been nice to know whether or not Overtone themselves had any suggestions on which product you should use for the initial application, which was the only real speed bump I had. 

Since a few people expressed some concerns, I'd just like to say this video wasn't sponsored, I would 100% always state if it was, and I will always give 100% honest reviews, I never lie or omit information purposely. All I want is the best for you guys, I care about you all so much! I know people use conditioner-dye mixes for their hair, and this concept isn't exactly "revolutionary" but I like Overtone because it's super convenient, the color is consistent bottle to bottle, it takes less than 5 minutes in the shower, and this is the exact shade of pink I've always wanted, and I get it almost effortlessly! I know some people would still rather stick to a mixture they make themselves, but I suggest this for anyone who, like me, is lazy and busy and needs a quicker and more convenient dying experience.

My experience with Overtone is limited to the pastel pink products, so I definitely suggest checking out reviews from other bloggers and youtubers that have tried out the other colors. But based on the reviews I've read of the red, blue and purple, Overtone seems to have a lot of happy customers! Either way, I say if you love having colored hair, give these guys a shot and let me know your own opinions and experiences!

Creepyyeha Haul + Review

I wanted to show some love for one of my absolute favorite designers by doing a little haul and review of the recent order/birthday gifts I received. I've been following Yeha for years and her work never ceases to amaze me, she has influenced my style so much and I'm so happy for the way her brand has grown and the friendship I've been able to develop with her. If you're someone that loves collars, harnesses, dark fashion and anything BDSM related, I highly suggest you watch my review and check out her website here!

I've never once been disappointed by any of her work, you always receive an excellent quality finished product when you order from her. Everything she makes is also available in pink and lavender, and can be made with chrome or gold hardware. I've always been a very happy customer and her work is definitely made to last and is very worth the investment!

Photo credit: Creepyyeha

I Got 3D Printed

My 3D print came in the mail and I'm absolutely thrilled! Getting 3D printed was such an awesome experience I honestly never thought would be possible, it was the coolest gift I could have received for my birthday.

I promised myself I wouldn't post another vlog for a while, but I got the sickest I've ever been in my life and was bed ridden for an entire week, so I wasn't able to make videos for a brief time. Luckily I'm finally on the road to recovery and am back at making videos.

So how the process works is I stand inside of the chamber I showed in the video, and on the walls there are 54 cameras all around me that take a simultaneous photo that becomes the 3D print! The employees at DOOB were extremely nice, and allowed me to take as many photos as I wanted until I was happy with the result, and I definitely recommend them if you're in the West Hollywood/ Beverly Hills area and are interested in getting 3D printed.

I know my explanation about why I wore the outfit I did for the print was a bit long, but I think it's important for people to understand everyone will lead a different life and will find different things that make them feel happy and empowered. It's really easy to judge someone based on something you don't understand or can't relate to, and I always want to promote open mindedness. I'm really happy with who I've become, and the positive changes I've made in my life, and I wish nothing but happiness and positivity for everyone else. I hope everyone finds that thing that makes them confident and that they don't let anyone stop them from being themselves, because uniqueness is what makes the world awesome, and we should love and appreciate everyone's differences.

 I really hope you guys enjoy this video!