Sponsorships?! Ick!

I would like to formally address something that I seem to notice quite often. Any time someone I know with a large following posts a sponsored post, instagram photo, youtube video, etc., it's met with a lot of unhappy comments and disappointment. I understand people don't like being sold and advertised to and I think when people follow someone such as myself on social media, they see another human being they can connect with, and when we attempt to advertize sponsored products we stop being seen as a friend and more as a corporate sell out.

I can't entirely speak for anyone but myself, others may or may not have the same moral standing I do with all of this, but I can definitely say I would never sponsor a product that I don't wholeheartedly believe in and I'm sure many others would say the same. Content creating in itself does not make very much money I assure you, and sponsorships can be the difference between paying your rent and having enough food to eat that month. Sadly, a large following often doesn't equal large amounts of money, and content creators just want to be able to keep doing what they love, which can mean sponsorships and other ways of staying afloat. However, in reality, most sponsorships are not paid, and if they are, it's not very much. Usually the deal is "you get to try this product out for free, and if you like it you'll advertize it, and perhaps we'll give you a coupon code for your followers, but that's it". Often I accept a sponsorship for items I already need and am looking to buy, so it keeps money in my pocket.

Again, I can only speak for myself, but I have turned down sponsorships on items I felt were poor quality, and in all of my e-mails I state "I will only be 100% honest in my reviews, I will never lie to my followers" and even then, many businesses specifically state in their initial proposal to me they only want an honest review, and would never expect me to lie. I just want to assure everyone that content creators are generally not out to get you, they're not looking to profit off of you, they are just regular human beings looking to expand on what they do and make a living. Furthermore, in all of my sponsored posts and videos, I will always specifically state that it is sponsored and that you are ONLY getting my completely honest thoughts and opinions.

Thank you very much for your understanding!